East Rutherford, N.J. – The Denver Broncos had a great run this year as their high powered offense passed its way through NFL history. But when it came to matching up against Seattle’s defense, they didn’t have a chance. After the game, it was evident that the leader of Denver’s offense, Peyton Manning, had his own way of coping from the loss. ESPN’s own Adam Shefter has uncovered a lighthearted story regarding this Future Hall of Fame Quarterback after the Super Bowl.

As we all know, Peyton Manning is a marketing guru and is great in of front the camera. He has earned millions through advertisements and commercials. In a new marketing ploy to show Manning’s sportsmanship and class in case he did lose in the Super Bowl, Manning received a $2.6 million dollar pay day from both Bud Light and Papa Johns “in one of the biggest advertising joint venture(s)” in history for a losing Super Bowl player.

It was said that the new commercial will be aired during the NFL Draft in April. Pictures of Manning shooting for this collaborative commercial have allegedly been already leaked. Sources who have seen the images are saying that Manning had to “slam”  2 beers in a row (the amount of Super Bowls Manning has now lost) and then finish the night off at Papa John’s pizzeria to eat, yes you guessed it, two slices of Papa Johns pizza.

A tweet by Shefter has been recently deleted, but it stated that he witnessed the aging quarterback’s night of debauchery, starting with Peyton chugging two Bud Light beers. By the end of the night, a sad, drunk, and somber Manning was found eating a few slices of Papa Johns pizza at a local Manhattan location.

Manning is definitely not excited about losing his second Super Bowl, but at least his endorsement companies still care enough to pay him even after his bitter defeat.