Microchip Bee

Maybe Transformers are not that far fetched? No, it actually is, but we aren’t going to miss an opportunity to mention crazy 80’s science fiction in a real science article! Bees in Australia have been strapped with microchips to their backs. Scientists in Australia have decided to glue microchips to the back of bees, in hopes of finding out the reasoning for, what Scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) call, “colony collapse disorder”. This is when bees just disappear from their hives. It sounds less significant than it actually is, trust us. Now, where that is awesome science, the real story is the shaving of the bees. Younger bees are hairy so before the microchips are glued on their backs, they need to be shaved. We now know we missed our calling! We should have went to mad scientist school to learn how to be a bee barber. Wonder if ASU offers that major? If they did, we must have missed it somehow.