Bill NyeAfter 150 minutes of debate we are still not any closer to “finalizing” the Evolution vs. Creationism argument. There are a few things we did learn though! First, some scientists believe in creationism. One example of this is the guy who invented the MRI machine. That’s really the only one I can tell you since that’s the only one Ham kept bringing up. Another thing is fish can have sex with themselves, as well as each other (traditional fish sex). According to Nye, species that have sex with themselves, AS WELL as others, have fewer parasites. Not sure how that was relevant to the argument but it’s a good fact to know. Noah obviously had major ship building skills, according to Ham, since not even Ham’s New England ancestors could have been able to build an arc that awesome! He also failed to explain how kangaroos made it all the way from the Middle East (or wherever the flood happened) to Australia without leaving some fossils behind. Noah probably dropped them off when the flood started to dry up. This leaves us with the main point of the evening; the bible is the answer to everything… Ever…And don’t you forget it! Lastly, Bill Nye’s dad was taught how to tie a bow tie by lying down on a bed. Awkward…but I guess when you have all that extra time on your hands you can drop in some odd family history.