Scottsdale, AZ — More bad press for big bad bully Richie Icognito. One day ago a police report was filed with the Scottsdale PD regarding an issue with a damaged black Ferrari. The Ferrari belonged to Richie Incognito, former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman who was booted off the squad after the bullying and harassment of teammate Jonathan Martin. Richie Incognito

Incognito’s car had several dents on the hood and had pieces of a baseball bat lodged in the grill of the vehicle. When Scottsdale PD questioned Mr. Incognito, his response was somewhat off-putting and raw. Incognito, in a drunken stupor, shouted out in slurred words, “That black piece of shit is done, you hear me! I will end him!” Not understanding what Incognito was spewing out, the Police officer had asked again who caused the damage to his $300,000.00 ride. Incognito replied, “I thought it was that fucking asshole, Martin, so I smashed the shit out of it!” It was reported by some close friends of Richie Incognito that he was still drunk from hanging out with the artist ‘Schwayze’ at a bar called American Junkie earlier that day in Old Town Scottsdale. Schwayze denied to further comment but did admit he did see Incognito at the venue. No charges were made, but the Scottsdale PD walked away chuckling saying something along the lines of, “Wow, what an idiot. Fucking douchebag.”

EXCLUSIVE: Suspended NFL player Richie Incognito gets a flashy new Ferrari

Many professional athletes spend time in Scottsdale during the off-season to rehab and enjoy the atmosphere, women, weather, and lavish lifestyle. It is safe to say that Richie Incognito should be banished from AZ because he simply cannot hang with the big boys.

​So what’s the moral of the story? Stick to your spots in South Beach, Incognito. The strippers and prostitutes that have been giving you crabs and gonorrhea will always be there for you. We don’t want that shit in Scottsdale!