Jimmy Fallon Doing The Polar Plunge

Jimmy Takes the Plunge!

It’s always nice to see a friendly face in Chicago. This past Sunday, Chicago got to see the new tonight show host, Jimmy Fallon. And his face was in shock to say the least. He decided to come to the beautiful city of Chicago to do the Polar Plunge, a charity event for the Special Olympics that has its participants jump into Lake Michigan during the freezing cold of winter. The temperature might have been far from the last time we saw Fallon in the water. If you remember back to his snl skit in a hot tub with Will Farrell and Drew Barrymore. That was pretty much the same face he made during his exit from Lake Michigan. Fallon wanted mayor Emanuel to come on the tonight show. In Chicago fashion he wasn’t just going to do what some New Yorker wanted, he challenged him to the plunge. Jimmy’s fans urged him to do so with Twitter campaign #jimmyplungewithus. This brings us to the real question. What else can Chicago make Jimmy Fallon do? Let JAT know what you would like Jimmy to do. You can comment on our Facebook page, send us a tweet, (@JATNewsChicago), or comment right here!

The cold doesn't scare Rahm

The cold doesn’t scare Rahm