Jerry JonesDallas/Fort Worth, TX –More drama down in BIG D. Tony Romo and a few other player’s contracts have been restructured in order to ‘free cap space’ for the upcoming 2014 season, Ed Werder reports to ESPN. The redone deal will free up $10 million for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. However, there is more to this story that meets the eye.


Last October, Jerry Jones threw an extravagant birthday party for himself and the entire Dallas Cowboys organization. Jones ordered 20 private jets for all of the attendees and their guests and flew everyone to Thailand for a rampant sexcapade. It was said that strippers, cocaine, abandoned cop cars on Las Vegas Blvd, and destroyed penthouse suites didn’t have anything on Jerry Jones’ bash.

As Jones was preparing to file his taxes for 2013, a whopping $10 million in expenses were discovered as unpaid from his birthday party rendezvous. In order to cover his losses, Jones forced Romo and a few pushover Cowboys players to restructure their contracts.

The kicker to the whole story is that ROMO WASN’T EVEN INVITED ON THE TRIP! Looks like Romo is the loser again, sucker.

Romo Pouting