Juan Pablo and NikkiJuan Pablo is the kind of guy that when you meet him in a bar, you feel so honored that he even wants to talk to you. I mean, he’s Latin, has a nice golden tan, works the accent (eeeeees ok) and comes off as very charming. He’ll give you many kisses on your forehead, flex his muscles in his tight t-shirts, and tell you how awesome he is. He’s a girl’s dream!

Nikki must feel so lucky that she was the last one standing. Who cares if she kinda won by default? A win is a win. She beat out 26 other girls to win the man of her dream’s heart. Who cares that two of the girls voluntarily took themselves out of the running, two told him off and the rest thought that he was an egotistical asshole. Juan Pablo promised that he will forever love, honor, respect and cherish Nikki. I highly doubt that any of those pictures that have been published showing Juan Pablo out with many other girls means anything.

And, it’s okay that Juan Pablo didn’t propose to Nikki at the final rose ceremony. That’s not at all what this show is about. Going to meet with Neil Lane and picking out a 3.5 carat ring does NOT mean you are going to propose to the girl of your dreams. Oh, and it’s also okay he didn’t tell her he loved her on the show, or any time after for that matter.  Juan Pablo is all about his privacy and he doesn’t want the world to know anything about his personal life. I’m sure behind closed doors, he has poured his heart and soul out to Nikki. Don’t worry Nikki, even though he really liked “private time” with Clare, you are who he thought about the whole time.

I really think these two will go the distance. When does that contractual agreement end?