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The race for “is my team better than yours” is on. Free Agency is here and trash talking, comparing, and “what if’s” have already started. Now we sit and wait for each update on 30 different apps, hitting update frantically waiting for your team to make a move. Not just any move, but a move that will put your non-playoff team into contention and your playoff team into the big show.

We judge and critique each and every pick as if it’s a dissection project in 9th grade science class. Guys who were clutch with one team will sign with your team and all you can hope for is that he plays just as good as last year. Some free agency picks ups will be like Albert Haynesworth and never make an impact. Some will be like Cliff Avril and your new acquisition will make multiple big plays all year and perhaps make the biggest play in the Super Bowl. That’s the guy we all want!

So who will you be? The guy rooting for the team who spends all of their money at midnight like the Redskins? The guy still wishing Jerry didn’t sign Romo to a huge contract? The guy cheering for that big name player that just came to your city and is promising nothing less than a ring? Or will you be wondering if your team could have done more, as you continue to grow even more mad each year because they haven’t done a damn thing in FA in years? No matter who it is you are the excitement is here and the 2014 football season has started. As my Bear’s friend AJ says, it’s time to all “Bear Down” for another exciting NFL season (and no, we are not talking about the same ‘Bear Down’ expression the Arizona Wildcats say because it makes NO SENSE whatsoever when they say it, pussycats).