Cleveland Browns SuckWe all know from watching Brandon Weeden in college that he is a good player, but from watching him in the NFL some would question his actual skill set. With all due respect, he was playing for the Cleveland Browns. A team that has been through 19 QB’s since 1999 and a franchise that should have never moved back home.

Another failed draft pick by the browns, but something tells me that he will have a job and there’s a team he can help. A friend told me the other day “I have this theory, even if you were to take an all-star team and throw them all on the Cleveland Browns they would still find ways to lose. Just because of the stigma called the Browns.” Take that in. He is right, not Karlos Dansby, not Donte Whitner, nobody is going to save the Browns from being an under performing NFL team. Ask Art Modell, at least he was smart enough to leave.

Today however, Brandon Weeden was released from the dog pound, and became a free agent. When you look at the teams that currently are sitting and looking for a QB there are only a few places I’d like to see him go. First of all, if he wants to be prolific back up and start two games a year he should go to Chicago. He’ll be safe and he will learn under Jay Cutler, but remember Weeden is 30 years old so he doesn’t have much time to sit around and learn. Second, The Arizona Cardinals, a team that won 10 games, but needed a backup QB when Palmer went down and went through 3 QB’s until he was healthy. Weeden can step in there and help a team that has an obvious void in the back up QB position. Finally there is Jacksonville, a team who has made a few kicks in FA and is looking to improve and make a run in a mediocre yet controlled division. He could step in a challenge Henne for the starting job, and maybe turn that offense around. Gus Bradley has really put an emphasis on the defense, but I’d like to see a guy like Weeden get a shot at a starting job and make an impact on a team that has suffered since Coughlin left.

Weeden will be a project, and he will not be the magical old man to make a super bowl run like Kurt Warner did when he started his career late(after injuries and a journey through multiple leagues). Give the guy a shot though and he could turn a non-contender into wild card or playoff hopeful.