Romo and Jones Jerry Jones has done it again. He has let a very valuable asset to his franchise go in efforts to fix his terrible team management. Note here that I said team, and not money because when you look at the Cowboys it’s more than money.

Jerry’s a professional gambler in a sense. A gambler that doesn’t do research on the horse race, but bets on all the favorites. Every once in a while he wins, but always sees his horse getting upset when it matters.   He see’s a player have a good year and he signs him to a lucrative contract that no other team would even consider. i.e. Miles Austin (Who was also cut today after his 6 year $54 million contract, $18 guaranteed). Then we have the Tony Romo saga, and this is where it gets crazy! December is a month in the NFL that matters the most, and when it matters most Romo seems to fail. His awesome statistics in yardage, and points in games do not matter when you can’t win late in games or at the end of a season, yet Jerry still decided this quarterback with one career playoff win was worth $18 million a year. Confused yet? Wonder why he was given such a high payday when he should have been forced to prove himself a winner? Mediocrity is acceptable in Dallas plain and simple.

This is not the first time Jerry has made detrimental contract signings. If you’re a cowboy fan you have to wonder if it will be the last time. Maybe I’m just another NFC east rival who could care less for the entire organization, but at the same time I feel sorry for them. After watching the eagles turn around a 4-12 team into a 10-6 team and make the playoffs (after beating Dallas week 17) I just find it hard to believe he can’t get anything right the last 17 years. So Jerry please, let us know what the hell it is you’re doing?

In other words, hire a GM, sit in your suite, and cheer like the Owner and fan you are! Put on Tony’s jersey and scream his name like all of the other half decent people at your stadium.

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