Flight 370It was confirmed yesterday by Malaysia’s Prime Minister that missing Flight 370 crashed into the Indian Ocean.  Finally, the families have some closure.  The outcome may be now known, but we still are asking ourselves what happened up there to create the unfortunate turn of events?  Here are two interesting realistic theories we are betting you have not heard yet.


The Bane Theory:
Bane Plane Scene

We are sure you saw the 2012 blockbuster, “The Dark Knight Rises”, well, one theory we have follows the first 8 minutes of that film.  If you have not seen it, you probably should, for many reasons other than the first seven minutes, but for this article, let’s just start there.  Perhaps Flight 370 had a scientist on the plane that Bane needed for his plot to take all of Gotham hostage. Reminder: Gotham is based off of Chicago…it’s not so cool now, is it?  Those of you who have seen the movie know Bane has the plane crashed, with aid from another larger plane, while he is inside of it.  Now I know what you are thinking, Bane made it known that the plane crashed immediately to hide the fact he has kidnapped the scientist.  That is one strike against this theory, but a key detail that upholds this theory is this all happened during dark of night.  This begs the question, “Oh, you think darkness is your ally?”


The Transformer Theory:
Transformers Movie

If you think the first theory is a little far fetched(I mean come on, real life Batman villains, really?), then you may believe this theory a little better.  So you have seen Transformers right?  Well you at least know about the wonderful 80’s cartoon robots.  Now, we don’t have to follow the storyline all the way through to know the robots hide in plain sight as trucks, cars, and even planes.  We can hope Flight 370 was a Transformer that just had to fight off the Decepticons, left the people on the plane in a safe place, and will rescue them right before the Decepticons find them.  Then again this could have been the reverse and the Decepticons have actually taken the innocent people from the bottom of the ocean to the dark side of the moon.  Either way we shouldn’t worry because the plane may have crashed, but if we know anything about 80’s cartoon robots, there is always a happy ending!