muscles_2868862eDuke University has created muscles that could be used to replace injured muscles. Researchers have implanted a lab created muscle into a living mouse.  In the past, muscles have been implanted, but did not have the capability of repairing themselves when injured.  That has now all changed.  The kids down at Duke have decided to take their Frankenstein mouse muscles, put it in the back of a mouse, cover the muscle with a window, and watch the muscle do its thing.  The muscle was also modified in another away; it was genetically modified to make the muscle fibres produce fluorescent flashes during calcium spikes (this causes muscles to contract). In addition to the mouse having a EDM party in his back, this allowed Duke’s researchers to watch the flashes become brighter as the muscle grew stronger.

This leaves many questions for humans around the world.  First a man from California asked, “How can I get the muscle lights put in before Burning Man?”  We like this man’s enthusiasm, but after more research we learned that kind of operation is just stupid. Of course, we would love to be the ones explaining to the world that science has finally come full circle. The title for that story would read, “Science: It started in the middle of nowhere with people dressed in whatever they could find, and now it can end there as well.”


Another question being raised is how soon will humans actually be able to become centaurs?  You know, horse people.  Unfortunately this too is not going to be happening before your next costume party.  People just can’t start picking and choosing what animal features they want, well that is of course until the military or porn industry gets involved in this research.  At the end of the day, I have the strangest feeling that the man who asked this question wasn’t interested in having horse legs…