Donald Sterling and GirlfriendIf Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, is trying to lose friends and become douchebag of the year, he is the clear front-runner for the award.  You see, he is an 80-year-old man who has a lot of money and zero class. In case you have been under a rock, or been paying all your attention to the Stanley Cup Playoffs (which is not a bad thing and encouraged), then you know of his latest antics, talking to his mistress regarding not wanting black people at his games. Yep, that’s correct. He actually made a statement like that. His word-for-word was: “Don’t bring black people, and don’t come.” This includes Magic Johnson and he also wasn’t too fond of her friendship and pictures with Matt Kemp.Matt Kemp and Sterlings Girlfriend Listen buddy, Kemp isn’t even part of the NBA. Stick to your own sport. Remember, this is his mistress, who, by the way, is half Mexican and half black. Apparently his racism has certain stipulations, i.e., anyone who won’t have sex with him. He ever so politely asked her to take down all of her pictures on Instagram she has with black people and to not be associated in public with them. See, told you that he was the front-runner for douchebag of the year, or better yet, lifetime, award.

This isn’t the first time that Sterling has made such bold statements. Back in 2009, he agreed to pay $2.73 million over allegations that he refused to rent apartments to blacks, Latinos and families with children. When exactly did children get involved? According to “Real Sports” host Bryant Gumbel, he is not remotely surprised by Mr. Sterling’s remarks. “I’m surprised that anyone is surprised, Donald Sterling’s reputation is such that one could say that if you keep a vicious dog for a while and you know he’s vicious, you can’t be surprised one day when it bites someone.” Makes perfect sense.  Sterling took a big bite, but we think he is the one who is going to end up getting chewed up and spit out to the wolves this time and they are hungry.


For example, major sponsors for the Los Angeles Clippers have started “suspending” their activities while the investigation is under way, which is just another way of saying goodbye.  Red Bull, CarMax, Kia, State Farm have all put the brakes on the team. Not to mention, Virgin America has ended their relationship permanently. Corona has decided to wait it out. Really? A Mexican beer is the one who is “waiting and seeing?” Gotta hand it to you though Sterling, it takes a lot of dedication to make that many enemies. No one can say that he isn’t trying hard.

Clippers wear warm-ups inside out

On Sunday, the players silently boycotted the owner and his remarks by turning their warm-up shirts inside out so the team emblem could be not seen. During the game they wore black arm bands and socks to show their team solidarity since they would be breaking NBA league rules if they didn’t wear their uniforms the correct way. Apparently, the Clippers and Sterling are feeling the heat because they made a half attempt at an apology on Saturday, stating: “Sterling says that he and his team do not know if the recording is legitimate. But they do know that the comments are not emblematic of his views of African-Americans” Ahhhh, that makes all of us feel so much better! Sterling just isn’t sure if the tape recording is legit. It is always so hard to tell if it is in fact your voice on a recording. Kind of like Milli Vanilli saying that they aren’t sure if they were lip syncing or not. How do you really know?

So we’re guessing it is safe to assume that Sterling will not be getting his NAACP award next month after all?