Sterling BannedA billionaire is looked at as a person of knowledge, wisdom, and a great business person, that is until he or she makes remarks such as the one of Donald Sterling that not only damage their reputation, but hit home to a country still battling racism.

There is an old saying, if you put lipstick on a pig, it is still in fact a pig. In 2009 sterling paid a 2.75 million dollars for allegedly driving minorities out of his apartment buildings. Mr. Sterling has also made comments to ex-players about how big and strong they are and “they will be able to compete with the blacks.” Comments that tell you the kind of person this man is not only from the outside, but from where his arteries pump blood into his heart. A bigot, and in my own very opinion a complete bastard.

One might say that he was running his team with a plantation mentality, that one person is a man known by Elgin Baylor, who spent 22 years with the organization and then sued Mr. Sterling for wrongful termination and breach of contract due to race and age discrimination, which he lost. When in contract negotiations with Danny Manning Sterling verbally repeated racist remarks in regards to the amount of money he was making as a young black man, Danny then walked out on and never came back.

Adam SilverThe league finally obtained the evidence needed to legally and rightfully take Mr. Sterling’s most prize possession from him, the LA Clippers. Today, April 29, 2014 Adam Silver stood at a podium with the League, and the whole Nation for that matter watching to learn Mr. Sterling’s fate. Banned, Banned for life he said, and in some parts of this country and league I am sure there were cheers for something that was greater than just an NBA owners remarks. Something that America as a whole needed, to put our foot down on bigots whom view one color of a person greater than another.

Adam Silver’s early test as a commissioner was not expected, just like David Stern having to appropriately handle the Magic Johnson situation. Both did their job outstanding and set a precedence to their early careers as NBA Commissioners. As a sports fan and loyal American I say Thank you Mr. Silver.


Watch his press conference here.