DuggarsWell folks, in case any of you out there have been stressed about the decision not to have children, and whether that decision could possibly lead to the fall of society for not procreating, have no fear, the Duggars will go ahead and have that baby for you. That’s right. Michelle Duggar and her baby daddy are in the works on baby number 20. We’ll just let that one sink it for a minute.

During this week’s “19 Kids & Counting,” Michelle, 47 and Jim Bob, 48 (his name alone tells you why they have 19 kids), visit a fertility clinic to understand their chances of conceiving once more. Apparently 19 children, ranging from ages four to twenty-five, along with three grandchildren, are not enough for this bunch. What if the younger kids get lonely?

Unfortunately, the news at the fertility clinic wasn’t exactly what they were hoping for. Given her age, a miscarriage and previous complications with her youngest daughter, the chances of conceiving are pretty slim. But don’t worry, if they are unable to have one of their own, they are open to adoption. Let’s face it, TLC is not going to keep footing the bill if there isn’t another child added to this family. Its big business here people!