Danny B.

Here are a few words that describe Daniel Bittle. (Yes in this exact order)









That is how I would explain the Philly Phreak, Daniel Bittle. Sometimes we need to take a step back and rejoice about all that is holy from JAT’s own West Coast connection. He is mostly a mysterious figure sitting in his JAT satellite office in LA. I have never been there myself, but I have been told it is similar to Dr. Evil’s lair. There are even sharks with lasers on their frickin’ heads! In addition to his sweet pad filled with the oddest of James Bond villains, he has been JAT’s eyes and ears on everything happening on the gold coast (this is not to be confused with the neighborhood in Chicago). He is a sports driven, Philly Cheese Steak eating, maybe single(???) Son-of-a… So LA ladies, here is your chance to find the transplanted catch of your life. You can find him on JAT’s West Coast Twitter @JATNEWSLA

Dr Evils Lair

Now the only reason I am telling you this is because Mr. Bittle called me Sunday night and wagered an “apple of my eye” article on the Hawks vs. Kings Game 7 thriller. Unfortunately Chicago will not be drinking from the Cup again this year, so you now get this “Awesomeness” article. But that does bring me to another point. Why would I, a Blackhawks fan, bet Bittle, a Flyers fan, on a Kings vs. Hawks game? I had everything to lose and he had to at worst write an article about how great I am (trust me you would need more than an article). I have been swindled again! That just goes to show you kids, never make bets on teams you love. If they lose it hurts twice as bad…

Superman Chris Farley - Blackhawks edition