California’s Silver and black are back, and we are not talking about the LA Raiders. We are talking about the LA Kings whom have taken over hockey in a place where ice is a geographic phenomenon. The 2014 NHL playoffs are among the best in the history of the game with 7 series going to 7 games. The Kings have gone the distance in each and every one of their series to get to the Stanley Cup Final in a bid to drink from the cup.

HAHAHA Sharks Billboard The Kings first round opponent the San Jose sharks jumped out in to an early 3-0 lead and the city of LA thought its 2014 playoff campaign was history. The team however had another agenda. Bashing, bruising and playing prolific defense they put themselves in their first of what would be many Game 7’s and came out kings and moved on to face the cross town rivals Anaheim Ducks.

The Ducks series was not only a test of will, defense, offense and a 40 minute drive across town that could take 2 hours because of traffic, but it was one for the ages. Billboards of skinned ducks and fans in enemy territory everywhere you went this series lived up to its hype in the streets, on twitter and on the Ice. Again, The Kings found themselves in a road game 7 in which they prevailed to go on and face the Chicago Blackhawks in a rematch of last year’s conference championship and match between the last two teams to raise Sir Stanley.

Go King Go Skinned Duck BillboardThe conference championship proved to not only exonerate the game of hockey but it showed just how far and how long two teams will go to get a chance to raise the most valuable cup in the world. The Blackhawks got out to a game one win with blistering speed and it all seemed over for the hard-fought Kings of LA. Game 2,3, and 4 showed us the Kings still wanted to fight on as the USC Trojan fan base would say and they were bound for another cup run. The hawks grit and might however did not allow them to celebrate early or at home and took them to game 7 after being down 3-1 in hard-fought battle to get to the finals. In the end the Kings fought through the honorable defense of the former champions and have moved on to face the speed skating and puck stopping Rangers. This year’s finals is set to be a coast to coast battle of greatness until the last horn is heard and one of these teams captains raise Sir Stanley and skate around the ice one last time.

As we get set to watch the Stanley Cup Final here in LA the Kings are the topic of the town. A game in which can only be played in doors and just a few years ago was cared about by few is now more important that the purple and gold, Dodger blue, and the racist owner that took over the Clippers playoff run. This is LA and this town is ready to bring home the cup.

Stanley Cup