GhostBusters Movie PosterSo, Tuesday night was 2014’s premiere movie night at Millennium Park’s Jay Pritzker Pavilion. There was a pretty heavy turn out for the 30th anniversary tribute to Harold Ramis and one of the ginchiest movies of all time: Ghostbusters

It had rained some earlier and the ground was a little damp, but that didn’t stop thousands of Chicagoans and ‘burbanites from making their way to their own little patch of dampened grass. At first it was scorching hot. The sun was beating down relentlessly; so much so, I snagged a trick from the goths and cowered behind an umbrella…soon a cloud broke the intensity. “Whew!! Oooh, pretty!! Hopefully it won’t get too much worse.”


The Storm Rolling In

And then just like that, the sky burst open and spewed all over the crowd the very moment the movie began. People started putting up the umbrellas, garbage bags, and blankets they brought, as well as the tarps they had been sitting on; basically anything they had, but, surprisingly, very few people left. That’s how hard-core Chicago can get about their free entertainment!

I think most people, including myself, thought the monsoon was going to end in about ten or so minutes, but no. There were at least two distinct times I recall shouting to the heavens “Stupid!! This is stupid!!” Yet, I, and everyone else (okay, about a quarter of the people, including some garbage-bagged friends of mine, bailed) stuck it out.

Chicago fights the weather

Oh, there were casualties: our French baguette – soaked. The girl in front of us with her brand new un-washed red hippie pants? She wound up looking like a master grape stomper. And for most, an obstructed view of the screen (at best) through the pop up, soaked, shanty town. But, just as Louis was being attacked by Zuul, the rain ceased, the town was torn down and, as water-logged as the lot were, we rode it out to the soggy end – making it one of the most memorable outdoor movie events I’ve ever participated in!

So, as I mentioned, this was only the first of their movie outing events this summer – that leaves plenty of chances for you, too, to weather an outdoor movie event for yourself!

Stay Puft in the Park