The end of the week is upon us once again. This can only mean it’s time to think about all the “fun” things celebrities have done this week. In this Weekly Roundup, we learn that men in Hollywood like to cheat with transgenders, Julia Roberts is the opposite of sweetheart, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t like car video games, Robin Thicke still won’t stop trying to get Paula Patton back and The Biebs helps Manziel’s new teammates hate him even more.

1392138577_julia-roberts-nancy-motes-lgJulia Roberts is not nice lady! Her half-sister, Nancy Motes, who recently committed suicide, left behind a not so nice note about how awful Ms. Roberts is. In it, she writes about how the actress helped send her into the deepest depression she’s ever been in. The actual note has not been made public but she has tweeted in the past after Roberts routinely made fun of her about her weight. “Just so you know, America’s Sweetheart is a B***H. Do you want to be a fan of someone so cruel? She’s not even that good of an actress. Happy you totally F***ed with me.” At the funeral, Roberts spoke about how she was happy her sister finally had the courage to end her suffering. Here is what we are confused about: Julia Roberts is America’s Sweetheart?

Hank and KendraKendra Wilkinson sure is having a tough time. She just had a baby girl five weeks ago and she recently learned that her hubby of four years, ex-NFL star Hank Baskett, cheated on her with a transgender model while she was still pregnant. What is going on lately? First, we learned that J-Lo’s boy toy was cheating on her with multiple transgender models and now Hank? Is this a new fad in Hollywood? We get it, both women are annoying; Kendra with that silly laugh and not so bright brain and J-Lo for just being J-Lo, but why not cheat with a full blown woman? In all fairness, it can be kind of tricky to know for sure if you’re getting the real thing without testing it out first.

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan is suing Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., the makers of Grand Theft Auto V, for using her likeness without her permission. She claims they used her image and clothes to create the character named Lacey Kunis. Lohan is also claiming they used a scene from her past drama at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood where she allegedly ran up an unpaid $46,000 bill which ultimately got her banned from the hotel. Let’s hold on for just a second. This is the same Lindsay Lohan who has been in and out of jail multiple times and has seen her career plummet into nothing, right? Because if that is the case, why would she be upset about this? The way we see it, this is as close as she is going to get to finally being an actress again. She should be thankful they even considered her for this role. It is almost like they gave her a free pass back into the world of fame. Take it Lindsay; it’s really all you got.

robin thickeRobin Thicke needs to just stop. It all is getting very weird and really creepy. It’s great to realize that you really and truly love someone and want to fight for them, but at some point, you just gotta know when to give up, move on and stop making things only about you. In his new album, Paula, he goes on and on about how he misses his estranged wife, Paula Patton, how he messed things up and how he is a seducer of women. In his song titled “Love Can Grow Back” he sings, “You’re way too young to dance like that in front of a man like me babe. You know cigarettes are bad for you baby – so am I…with your new nails on your back you’ll be scratching my, scratching my itch.” Well alright then, sounds like he is really saying all the right things to get the wife back. In another song, “The Opposite of Me,” he finally says something we’re sure Paula is definitely thinking, “All that she wants is the honesty, all that she wants is the opposite of me.” Well said, Robin.

11945351_l2c7rp4z1j6m4fl2ymgdezoyrnqqqhtlm1fvrh2lWord of advice. Do not party with The Biebs and expect not to get into any trouble. Apparently Johnny Manziel didn’t get that memo. Johnny Football partied alongside The Biebs, Floyd Mayweather and Tyrese at The Beibs’ house this past week and had the cops called on them twice. How do we know this? Because The Biebs posted pics of all of them on a social media network dedicated to selfies, appropriately called Shots. The first time the cops showed it was for their loud music, which was agreed to be turned down. They came again a little later due to the screaming “pack of young girls” outside of The Biebs’ house. Silly girls. Just a week ago, Manziel stated, “I want to wake up with a week and not have my name going through something.” Gotcha buddy. The way to do that is by hanging out with The Biebs. Good thing he is a football player and doesn’t have to use that brain of his.