Asteroid hitting earthIf you were having a bad day today, this may help. Astronomers have confirmed an asteroid called “The Beast,” will come very close to the earth today but will indeed miss us. It will pass by just over three times the distance from the earth. That sounds like a lot of space, but rest assured, it’s super close. If The Beast were to collide with our planet, it would be catastrophic, meaning, if it hit a city, you could say bye-bye to the entire metropolitan area. This sucker would create a crater about three miles across and potentially break windows up to 62 miles away. This begs the question, “who wants to go in on a bomb-shelter?” We’ll bring the Fireball….get it??Bunker Party

We can all rejoice in knowing we will live to see another day, but our future generations may not be so lucky. There is an asteroid so big on a path to our planet; it could potentially wipe out the entire human population. Asteroid 1950 DA is set to visit the planet earth on March 16, 2880. Since it is only 2014, that means we are all safe and have 865 more St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.St. Patricks day That’s a good thing because once this baby hits, it will cause such a big explosion that “huge tsunamis capable of covering entire cities” could be triggered. The other problem with this gigantic rock is that it is traveling so fast it’s experiencing “negative gravity.” Ahhhh, the negative gravity conundrum. Not really sure what that means, but it sounds dangerous.

Luckily, by the time this thing hits, all of us will be long gone. That’s really all that matters anyway, right?