Johnny-Manziel-Flips-BirdJohnny, Johnny, Johnny…When will you learn the tape is always rolling, especially on you.  With a nickname like Johnny Football, you can only image when you are on the field you will not get away with anything.  Of course the other team was saying mean things to you.  That’s part of the game!  Instead of flicking off the Washington sideline, maybe you should have played better than a third string quarterback.  All the greats will tell you, nothing shuts up a team more than beating them.  Not the throat cut, not the money to the sky reference, and definitely not the middle finger.  Also it makes you seem more like a kid than you actually are!


Here at JAT, we think you need to hire some new PR people, and we have just the team for you.  Us!  Here is freebie for you Mr. Football.  The press conference should have gone as follows: Redskins Racism“Johnny Football wasn’t flicking the Redskins off out of spite. No No No…  He was doing it because Johnny Football hates Racism!  Since Washington won’t change their name, Johnny has decided to take things into his own hands, or fingers to be exact.  He is standing up for all those players around the league that don’t have enough courage to do so.  What he did should not be punished, but rewarded! Mr. Manziel thought coming to the league would mean he could leave unjust behavior behind him.  The NCAA uses its players like slaves.  The NFL should be proud of Johnny standing up to those hiding behind ignorance.”

Johnny-Manziel Browns

We know Johnny will be getting fined. Goodell can’t pass up an opportunity to take some of that hard-earned cash. Does anybody remember a time when you could trash talk your whole way into the end zone, or eat a fan’s popcorn? Well those days are gone. One last thought to close out this dirty bird story.  Johnny, there is only one finger that has ever been respected on the football field, and it’s Ditka’s… You know how to reach us for your new PR campaign.

Mike Ditka Giving The Bird