The end of the week is upon us once again. This can only mean it’s time to think about all the “fun” things celebrities have done this week. In this Weekly Roundup, we learn that Mark Wahlberg was a total thug, Bruce Jenner is getting in touch with his feminine side, Tim Tebow is trying to gain more celebrity status and The Biebs and his dad are terrible people.

Mark-wahlberg-hdRemember way back in the day when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Marky and the Funky Bunch and he sang about Good Vibrations and wore his Calvins with his pants at his ankles? Apparently back in those days, he was also not a very good or nice guy. In 1988, when he was 16, he confronted a Vietnamese immigrant named Thanh Lam with a wooden stick and proceeded to beat him to the point of unconsciousness. Later that night, Marky Mark found another Asian man, Hoa Trinh, smashed him in the face causing Trinh to lose sight in his right eye. Needless to say, Marky Mark was arrested and spent 45 days in jail. Fast forward 26-years and the now Mark Wahlberg, would like to be granted a pardon for his racial crimes. He says that he has devoted the rest of his life to being a model citizen and he mentors many young boys to stay away from crime. In his pardon, he claims “My hope is that, if I receive a pardon, troubled youths will see this as an inspiration and motivation that they too can turn their lives around.” Is this where we are supposed to laugh? Are we to assume that Mark Wahlberg has that much leverage over the ethics of all youths who are debating to commit a crime? Silly celebrities.

rs_1024x759-141029064026-1024.Bruce-Jenner-Painted-Nails-JR-102914Bruce Jenner sure is helping the rumor mill swirl. On Wednesday, he was spotted out in Malibu looking very primped. He not only had two very large diamond stud earrings in his ears, he was also sporting some manicured nails, a French manicure to be exact. To round out his ensemble, he was also wearing some nice shiny lip gloss and tinted sunnies. This isn’t the first time he has had his nails painted. Back in October, he showed off a bright red manicure on his birthday. It seems that Mr. Jenner is on the path to live more and more like a woman and now that he is no longer with Kris, he has stepped it up quite a few notches.

cbdc-Tim-Tebow-Jana-DuggarCould Tim Tebow be ready for the ultimate relationship? One where he has to court the young lady, go on dates with chaperones and not even kiss that gal until their wedding day? If he gets together with Jana Duggar, he will be! It seems these two are considered the perfect pair. So much so that the Duggars have set up secret meetings with Tebow’s mom, Pam, in Arkansas. Wow, they have to go through their parents first. It seems as though the Duggars are pretty friendly already with Timmy’s mom, meeting up earlier this month at Loving Choices Pregnancy Centers fundraiser in Arkansas. We are sure this wouldn’t be a publicity stunt for the Duggars since they could use a little facelift to their reputation as of late. This will be a match made in heaven!

justin-bieber-dad-dog-600x450The Biebs and his father, Jeremy Bieber, bought an American Bulldog, Karma, a year ago. The pooch was young and in need of training and apparently bit The Biebs younger brother, Jaxon. This prompted Big Biebs to throw the dog off of a second story balcony! Class just runs rampant in this family. Apparently, Big Biebs threw the dog into a snow bank (he lives in Canada) causing the trainer, Trevor Dvernichuk, to take the dog and keep him. This past weekend, Big Biebs threw a fit after he heard that Dvernichuk told everyone  the dog was pretty much abandoned. Big Biebs is now claiming that Dvernichuk stole him. Great idea, take the dog back that you threw off of a balcony because someone called you out on your utter douchebagness. Seriously, why wont this family just go away??