Oh the constant chase of that Fountain of Youth. You may think you found it and are drinking the water, but let’s be real people, plastic surgery will never leave you looking youthful. Instead, it will most likely leave you looking like these gentlemen below and nobody should want that.

GENE SIMMONSGene Simmons. As if his gross tongue wasn’t enough to make you gag.

KENNYROGERS_SURGERY11-1Kenny Rogers. He took a gamble….and lost

MICHAEL DOUGLASMichael Douglas. It looks like he is constantly in front of a wind tunnel.

CARROTTOP_PLASTIC11Carrot Top. There’s nothing to say, except, Really??

GARYBUSEY_SURGERY11Gary Busey. Well, at least Amazon pays him to make fun of him.

MICKEYROURKE_PLASTIC1111Mickey Rourke. Did he think that look would turn his career around?