It’s that time of year again! Time to lose our minds over the cuteness of the puppies in the Puppy Bowl! Forget those over-sized men in their football jerseys grunting and hitting each other, puppies are where it’s at. Don’t believe us? Just look below at these twelve “I just can’t stand it” cuteness overload!


puppy 10This is Pepper. She is a Boston Terrier mix and is 16 weeks old. Look how scruffy she is? She is sure to be a scrapper in the game!


puppy 6Meet Falcor. He is a Clumber breed (not sure what that is, but its CUTE) and is 14 weeks old. I can just picture is voice. Dopey dopey dopey dope.


puppy 9Hello Titan! He is a Bulldog mix and is 12 weeks old. He just has that look like he is going to get into some trouble.


puppy 2What’s up Boomer!?! He is a German Shepard mix and is 17 weeks old. He’s so fun and fluffy! The senior on the team.


puppy 5Faulkner is just adorable. He is a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix and is 16 weeks old. I just want to cuddle with him!


puppy 8Falcor rounds out Team Ruff. She is a Shih tzu and is 13 weeks old. She is the boss lady of the team for sure.



puppy 12Meet Lewis.  He is a Shar Pei and is 12 weeks old. Rolly polly yet so sophisticated!


puppy 3Hey Chicklet! She is an Australian Shepard mix and is 16 weeks old. The listener of the team.


puppy 11Sweet Maggie. She is a Beagle/Dachshund mix and is 20 weeks old. The older and wiser one of the group. Why So Serious?


Puppy 1Its Aaron! She is a Boxer and is 14 weeks old. Don’t let that timid look fool you! She is planning her moves!


puppy 4What’s shakin’ Drew Carey? She is a Cocker Spaniel and is 12 weeks old. Those ears! I.CAN’T.STAND.IT!


puppy 7And rounding out Team Fluff is Kiaria. She is a Pekingese/Japanese chin mix and is 12 weeks old. Don’t mess with her! She’s all badass!