Well, another year of the Grammy’s has come to an end. While most of the night was very uneventful and somewhat predicable, there were still some noteworthy moments. Of course, “Mr. I think I am better than everyone and I think my opinion is the only one that matters” West gave us some water cooler talk too.

madonna_grammys1. Hey Madonna, not sure if you remember or not, but you are 56-years-old, not 21. No one really wants to see you flash your bottom on the red carpet. Furthermore, your dancing days seem to be a thing of the past. The squat move doesn’t really count.

Pharrell Williams Grammys Win2. Pharrell must be so sick of his “Happy” song. Honestly, how many times does he have to perform it? Props to him for changing it up a bit. The piano player was pretty amazing too.

annie-lennox3. OK, Annie Lennox is badass. She showed everyone at that show how its done! Hozier was a smart guy for teaming up with her, although, he did get forgotten about after she took the stage.

Sam Smith Grammy Winner4. Sam Smith cleaned up! Nothing thrills us more than to block Taylor Swift from winning any awards. Seriously, her songs are catchy, but catchy doesn’t necessarily mean talent.

katy_perry_purple hair grammys5. Kitty Purry a/k/a Katy Perry’s purple hair was apparently just a wig. Purple on the red carpet, black on stage, blonde naturally underneath and back to purple for the remainder of the show.

usher_chris_brown_grammys6. Obama urged the Music industry to use their influence to take a stand on violence against women – Chris Brown is no where to be found.

tony_bennett_lady_gaga_grammys7. Toni Bennett was in heaven with the Lady Gaga – no blue pill required. Not to mention, she actually looked normal for once.

kanye8. Kanye West still thinks he is the best at everything and he is the only opinion that matters. Doesn’t Kanye know that everyone has different tastes in music and while Beck may not be his taste, he is obviously a lot of other people’s taste? We wish he actually did grab the microphone and Beck would have kicked him in the balls. That’s what he needs anyway, he and Kim should not be allowed to produce any more children. It’s just bad for mankind.