Major_League_Baseball_LogoAs I sit here and reminisce on my love for sports one thing comes to mind. The smell of the grass, the crack of the bat, the noise a fastball makes when it hits a catchers glove coming from the mound and the umpire giving a loud strike three call.

It’s that time again that half of the Major League Baseball teams meet in Florida and the other half in Arizona for spring training and the start of another 162 game baseball season. Some might say that the season is too long and some might say the game is boring, but if you’re a sports/
baseball enthusiast as I am, you know that neither of those are true.

At a very young age not only was I out in the field playing with a bat and ball, but we would grab a pack of upper deck and topps cards every time we could. Hoping to get that one card none of your friends had, and hoping to get that autograph or the piece of your favorite players jersey.


Just like those pack of cards, this is the time of year we unwrap what potential our teams we cheer for have, and we are just hopeful our team can make a postseason appearance and pennant run. Just like those pack of cards, most of the time at the end of the year you don’t get exactly what you want, but you can look back and just be glad you got to watch the beautiful game of baseball and love your team for what they did.

Last year on June 18, 2014 I got to experience what it was like to rip open a pack of cards and get a Derek Jeter autographed card with a dual piece of his jersey on it. It was a Wednesday and my sales director and his son asked me to go to a Dodgers Vs Rockies game. Being a hardcore Philadelphia Phillies fan I go to the games in my red cap not cheering for either team, but for a good game. A good game is what we got, all 46,000 plus fans got one of the best pitched No hitters in MLB history.

My boss and his son took the score of every game on a scoring sheet and unlike any other day they forgot their pad. They had to purchase a new pad and had to figure out where to put strikes, balls, outs, runs, errors and hits. This pad would end up only being used once.

David Kershaw came out in the first inning throwing magnificently and wouldn’t stop there. It was like opening up a pack of cards and you got all of the players you wanted. For me that would be Rollins, Utely, lee, Howard, and anyone on the 2008 Phillies World Series team.

As the game went on the feeling in the stadium was unreal, and until the 7th there was a perfect game on the line. Kids asking the unspoken question “what is a perfect game” and “do you think it will happen.” Then came a routine ground ball and the short stop ( I can’t say his name in so disgusted) made the biggest error in his life. The magic however was still in the air, there was a No-No still in the board and it was about to get serious.

Coming into the 9th Kershaw took the mound with kind of swagger you expect big game players to take in big game situations. 1 out, 2 outs, and the third out would ultimately make for the loudest roar I have ever heard in my life in a baseball stadium. Many were not fans of either teams as I was. Many people could care less about baseball because that is what happens in LA, but everyone screamed and cheered and was given chills over the history we all witnessed.Dodgers Win No-No

As baseball season is on the rise no longer can I complain about how long the season is, or how much it’s a drag to play fantasy baseball. I can only think about the incredible feelings that being at the ballpark does. America’s past time is almost here and I hope that the country is ready for another great season. Hopefully there will be just as much magic as last season.