Kanye West is a life sucker. He sucks the life out of anyone and everyone. After his latest attempt to be front and center at the Grammy’s, we thought it was appropriate to list the five reasons why he sucks, however we don’t think the list could ever stop.

1. No one can forget his rushing the stage when Taylor Swift won the award for Best Music Video at the MTV Music Awards in 2009. Imagine winning an award for all of your hard work. You are about to give a speech to thank everyone and then a drunken Kanye West appears out of nowhere, steals the mike and tells you and the world that you don’t deserve that award, Beyoncé does. Class act Kanye. The guy has no idea there is other music out there that is not the mainstream. Beyoncé is not the end all be all.  And either is Kanye. We really hope when his daughter is older and perhaps does something worthy of her life, that some douche bag will steal her thunder and make her feel unworthy. Actually, we really hope that happens.


2. Is the guy ever happy? Seriously, he has to be the most unhappy person on this planet. Nothing looks fun to him. We can only imagine him at his wedding not smiling. However, in all fairness, most would not be smiling if they were marrying Kim Kardashian. Also, at his daughter’s birth, we wonder if he found any sort of joy in that. He probably just went on a rant and berated the nurses and doctors telling them he could have done it way better.

3. The dude can’t accept that he isn’t always considered the best at something. In 2006 at the MTV Europe Music Awards, he lost the Best Video category to the electronic dance duo, Justice and Simian. He had already won the award for Best Hip-Hop Artist, but apparently that wasn’t enough. So,  in typical jackass Kanye behavior, he crashed the stage, started cursing and ranting as to why he should have won the award. “This video cost a million dollars. I had Pam Anderson. I was jumping across canyons and shit.” He then went on to say “Its nothing against you, I never seen your video.” Of course not.

4. Even Dave Chappelle thinks he is a cocky idiot. Back in the day when Kanye was not very well-known yet, he did an appearance on the Chappelle Show. After giving his performance, Kanye took a call while in the presence of Common, Talib Kweli and Chappelle. Remember, this guy still was not a huge star by any means, yet. “No I can’t… No I’m at the edit for the Dave Chappelle Show watching sketches that no one’s seen before… ’cause my life is dope, and I do dope shit.” Check it out at the 4-minute mark.


5. And the final reason Kanye sucks is the fact that we are writing this article! Life sucker! If wishes do come true, Mr. West will finally annoy everyone so much that his fame and fortune vanishes. Whenever he speaks, no one will listen, he will be told to shut up and go away. Nothing would please us more than to squash that giant ego and watch him walk away with his tail between his legs. Oh glorious day, please come soon!