UPDATE: Yes, yes they are. In anticipation for Sunday’s interview with Andi, we thought we would share our thoughts on the matter all the way back from August. We’re guessing it had to do with the ridiculous back rubbing. Just a guess.

Well folks, it looks as though we shouldn’t hold our breath for The Bachelorette, Andi, and her new fiancé, Josh, to tie the knot. It seems as though some kinks need to be worked out first. While appearing on After the Final Rose, her second runner-up (back-up plan), Nick, announced to the world that he and Andi had slept together during their night alone in the fantasy suite. SHOCKER! As soon as he said those words, the look on Andi’s face said it all…Josh had no clue and she was in trouble.


And that appears to be the case. It has been said that Josh has major jealousy, trust and control issues and after being smacked in the face with Nick’s revelation, he is having a hard time letting it go. It should come as no surprise to Andi that Josh is feeling this way. While filming The Bachelorette, Josh showed several times how jealous he was. Those that know Josh well say he has a pretty jealous personality and a bad temper.


How fun for Andi! Although, we can’t imagine life with her would be a bowl of peaches either. She was the girl always trying to get reaffirmation from Josh while filming and if he didn’t tell her how pretty, great, awesome and wonderful she was, she had no problems with putting on the pouty face.


This should be interesting to see what happens with these two. Guess if things don’t work out with Josh, she always has Nick as her back-up plan. Then she can move to Milwaukee and do the Polka, you know, the “Wisconsin dance.”