Hollywood is always trying to chase the fountain of youth. We have discussed it here numerous times before, but for some reason, making fun of those that go way over the top never seems to get old. So, with that in mind, let’s discuss celebrities who thought lip injections were a good idea. Just an FYI, they are NEVER a good idea. Don’t believe us? Just keep on reading my friends…

Amanda LeporearAmanda Lepore. Who? Yeah, that’s what we thought to, but then we saw her after picture and recognized the face. A face like that will haunt your dreams.

Courtney-LoveCourtney Love. Interestingly, Ms. Love was not that bad looking of a gal prior to her plumpy lips. It’s amazing how good not being on that many drugs will make you look.

Donatella-VersaceDonatella Versace. How is it that someone who is so into fashion could allow themselves to look the way she does? News flash Donatella….it’s not a good look.

Janice-DickinsonJanice Dickenson. According to her, she was the “First Supermodel.” Where does this fish look have any place in the world of beauty?

Jocelyn-WildeinsteinJocelyn Wildeinstein. We take it back Amanda Lepore, as scary as you are, THIS will haunt your dreams. Imagine waking up to that every morning? You’re welcome.

Kristina-ReiKristina Rei: All we can say, it’s a guy’s dream.