Round three is here and much like last round we had some more huge upsets! Queen Bee and Jay-Z both got knocked out. We know, we know, all you single ladies are pissed, but that is what happens when you go up against Missy when she is getting her freak on…

Music-March-Madness-Round-3Okay, anyways, looking forward to Round Three of JAT’s March Music Madness. We were 2-2 last week, but we are about to hit our stride!

Here is what we are looking forward to:

In the Pop Division we have the rap battle for the ages. It’s Get Ur Freak On v. In Da Club. In one corner we have Missy Elliot who just took out Queen Bee, so she is certainly sitting on top of the world. In the other corner you have a fearless Fifty Cent, who said, “They going murder 50, how?! We riding round with guns the size of little, Bow Wow. What you know about A.K.’s and AR15’s, equipped with night vision, shell catchers and everything, huh” To that we say, “Huh indeed.”
Our Prediction: After this battle the only place you will be able to find us is In Da Club. Anybody that uses “da’s” instead of “the’s” is good in our Chicago book!50 Cent

In the Country Division we have two big matchups: First Hurt v. Chicken FriedJohnny Cash(RIP) certainly is the favorite here, being he is the seasoned veteran. But on the other hand we have the very fresh and successful Zac Brown Band who is without question a contender!
Our Prediction: Zac Brown leaves this battle Hurt and The Man In Black moves on the Elite Eight.

In the second Country Division matchup we have a Redneck Woman v. Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy). We love this matchup because of the obvious connection of a redneck woman riding a cowboy – really,who writes this stuff? But all jokes aside, this will be a tight one. Both of these songs are party songs, but there can only be one when all the dust settles.
Our Prediction: We can’t go against Big & Rich, since that is what we want to be. We are saving a horse to ride into the Elite Eight.