It is unfortunate how many reports are out there of people just being dumb and this is another one of them. Clearly, this man wasn’t using his head and now he is in a bunch of hot water. Charles McDowell, 54, was arrested this past Sunday night in the parking lot of Motel 6 (keeping it classy) in Daytona Beach after Volusia County Sheriff deputies were called due to a report of an armed robbery. Pretty typical police call we would say. However, this one takes a sharp turn towards pure stupidity.

Mr. McDowell initially stated that a stranger had robbed him at gunpoint in the parking lot, taking his wallet and keys. But then his story quickly changed. What he really was there for was to buy some pain pills and the man he was supposed to buy them from, robbed him. Still sounds pretty normal, for drug crimes that is.

But then we find out Mr. McDowell also had two 6-year-old boys with him during the “it gone wrong” drug deal. Because he had two children with him, McDowell was arrested and charged with two counts of child abuse. You see, it is a big no-no to have children with you while trying to score your drugs. Who knew! Also, who are these kids? Are they his boys (as in friends, not his children)?

Mr. McDowell was released on a $10,000 bond and the two children were turned over to their respective mothers. Wonder what they had to say?!? Oh, and they haven’t found the robber…yet.