To celebrate America’s Birthday (HAPPY 239TH ‘MERICA) we have compiled a list of some of the most American things ever!
Feel free to comment with anything we might have missed, after all, America means so many things to so many people there’s no way we could capture all its glory in one post and well America is just so full of awesome that we are bound to miss some awesomeness.


BASEBALL – America’s National Past Time! What’s more American than having a hot dog and an ice cold beer while watching the game!

BBQ -whether you love some Southern BBQ or a nice Texas steak America is the place for grillin’

APPLE PIE -there are English, Dutch and Swedish versions, but nothing compares to AMERICAN Apple Pie in all its glory. For Mom and Apple Pie!

DONUTS -yes these tasty treats were invented right here in America! Deep fried sugar… what’s more American than that?!

JOHN WAYNE – Cowboys in general but especially THE DUKE

ELLIS ISLAND -where else in the world had thousands upon millions of immigrants flocking to it. The symbol of a new life for generations!

COUNTRY MUSIC – you can’t find anywhere else in the world that has songs about tailgates, beer cans, muddy tires, cheatin lovers, and hound dogs all in one beautiful song!

THANKSGIVING – I mean,this is a given. Other countries have a day of thanks but Americans know how to do it up right (turducken anyone?)

VEGAS I mean where else can you drink on the street, buy a hooker, win a fortune and get married all in the same establishment?!

PB&J – Simple. Delicious. Nutritious. Just like America.

DISNEYLAND/WORLD – Happiest Place on Earth? Duh! cuz its in American!

BUFFET/ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT – Only in America can you eat until you wanna puke!

And last but certainly NEVER least…

BACON – As Americans we feel it is our birth rite to wrap/smother/drench everything we can in bacon. From bacon wrapped deep-fried Twinkies to just some good ol’ fashioned bacon burgers, Americans love bacon and bacon loves America!