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In Chicago you have to pick a side, so it’s no surprise that White Sox fans don’t like the Chicago Cubs’ successful season and postseason destiny. I am not going to get into the reasoning for the hated rivalry that started before our time, stemming from the rich Germans on the north side and the poor Irish on the south side, but trust me, it runs deep. The Cubs are doing everything Southsiders hoped their beloved Sox would do with all the big moves they made in this past offseason. The World Series Trophy the White Sox won ten years ago is now becoming more of a faint memory than anything else. When it comes to winning it all, the Sox are the best team in the Windy City. Sure, there have been many years where the Sox were not as good, statistically, as the Cubs, but this time it feels different. This year there is a fear brewing south of Roosevelt Road (this is the essential start of Chicago’s South Side). The fear is still certainly semi-filled with a belief that in the end, Southsiders will have the last laugh because the Cubs will inevitably blow their shot at going to the promise land. But this year there is more fear than ever before…

So what has changed?

Could it be the success Theo Epstein showed off with former long-time loser, Boston?


Theo Epstein looks like he is trying to punch his ticket for the Baseball Hall of Fame. The proof is in the pudding! He ended the 86 year drought in Boston and gave them not one, but two World Series Trophies (Boston also won again in 2013 after he had left to Chicago). When he signed with the Cubs in 2011, we knew he would bring success, but we had no idea he could turn the Cubs from a 101 loss team to a 97 win team in just 3 years. Does this guy have a class or a video I could watch or something? I mean, come on man!

Could it be the Mad Scientist Joe Maddon at the helm?

Joe Maddon

This was the last straw for me personally. Joe Maddon is one of the best coaches in all of baseball. He makes his players produce in a way that sickens the team he is playing against. I remember the day that I saw the presser and thought to myself, “Why God, Why?!” It is just not fair. Us Southsiders have had to take Robin Ventura’s poor coaching for the past 4 years. Don’t get me wrong, we love Ventura the player, but we have had enough of him as our skipper. Additionally, why does Maddon have to look so much like Harry Caray? It is just another bad omen that is scaring me.

Joe Maddon Harry Caray

Could it be Back to the Future II’s fault?

This just seems like some kind of sick joke! Director Robert Zemeckis must be loving every minute of this! He knows that if the unthinkable happens his movie will sell a million more copies. This may be the most unfortunate omen for us Sox fans because we will be forced to hate the Back to the Future saga and who doesn’t love Marty McFly?

Could it be us taking a hard look in the mirror?

Sox Fail

Sure the Cubs winning this year shouldn’t mean anything to us, but it does! The real pain is probably when we take a long hard look at ourself. We have done nothing since 2005. Nothing. It is so sad to see when a World Series Team goes from Hero to Zero. Sure, we have Chris Sale who is one of the best lefties in the league, Jose Aberu who is a stud, and the best food in all of baseball, but after that we do not have a whole lot to look forward to. As I stated earlier, our coaching situation is not working, we were dreadful this year after all the offseason hype, and we just can’t get fans in the seats.

Southside Survival

The Cubs losing is not just important for the southside pride and trash talking, but it is crucial for the survival of the Southsider! We are already the “Second Team” of the Second City and if the Cubs can actually win it all, the already shifting belief that the Sox are the best baseball team in the city will completely vanish. This is fear that we have.  You can deny it if you want, but deep down inside we all know there is certainly a horrible feeling brewing.


A Scared Sox Fan