1438644954_169928888_gwen-stefani-gavin-rossdale-zoomTidbit ThursdayIt seems nanny-gate has struck again. Gwen Stefani’s now ex-husband was caught red handed having an affair with one of their nannies. Yep, they have more than one. To make matters worse, it was going on for three-years before he was found out.

Apparently, Gwen learned of the affair after she found incriminating text messages on the family IPad. You see, Mr. Rossdale is not too tech savvy obviously, because it was synced up to his new IPhone. Ms. Nanny sent some nude pictures of herself and there were plans where to meet up for sexy time. Rossdale claims they were just “flirtatious” texts. Um, yeah, of course they were, but when you start adding the nude pictures, it raises the flirtatious level a bit. The nanny was fired and he eventually confessed to the affair.

blake-shelton-gwen-stefani-romanceGwen filed for divorce soon after and quickly found love again with her co-host and fellow newbie divorcee, Blake Shelton. Time will tell if these two will be more than each others rebound. In the meantime, Gwen can always call Jennifer Gardner for advice. Her hubby, Ben Affleck also had an affair with their nanny. Come on people! You just can’t hire a hot young nanny to care for your children! It’s like every guy’s fantasy coming true!

sureIn other breaking news, it appears an A-List Hollywood Star has been keeping a not-so-little secret. It has come to light this man of mystery is HIV positive and is causing major freak-outs throughout the celebrity community! It is believed that he has known about this for some time and failed to let his sexual partners in on the secret. The actor’s list of past partners includes “an award-winning actress, a religious movie star, a top Hollywood personality with a controversial past, a TV star, a media personality and a glamour model. However, all this information was told to The Sun Newspaper of London, so I think there is room for a sigh of relief.