As I sit here with my Wild Turkey and coke in-hand I can’t help but think of all the things Thanksgiving represents. (Besides Europeans being the first refugees to be let into America…)

To some it means a time of reflecting back on all the things that they are thankful for: friends, family, etc. For some it is a time for giving and charity. And for others it is the time of year to eat and drink delicious things and try not to get into a fist fight with any of the relatives across the dinner table.

Here  is a lovely game for you to play with your friends and family. (we use the term “with” very loosely)


Drink anytime any of the following happen:

  1. Someone refers to the turkey as “moist” 
  2. Someone brings up “tryptophan”
  3. When someone takes a ridiculously large piece of pie/dessert
  4. Someone takes a small/bite-sized piece of dessert cuz they’re on a diet
  5. Anytime someone posts a picture of their meal on social media
    (we get it, you’re eating turkey just like us and you are sooooooo thankful #blessed )

  6. When someone asks an inappropriate question
    (When will you marry and produce offspring?
    When are you going to cut the mullet? How many drinks have you had today?)

  7. Someone falls alsleep after dinner (or during dinner…)
  8. When someone actually says”gobble gobble”
  9. Someone asks you what you “actually” do at work
    (drink double for every year you’ve been at your current job)

  10. Someone insists on playing Christmas music (drink double if an argument ensues)

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