We here at JAT News do not condone public intoxication, but if you’re braving the Black Friday crowds you might need a little liquid courage in your Starbucks cup.


  1. Any time you enter a store take a drink. 
  2. Every 15 minutes you wait in line to get into the store… take a drink.
  3. When you see someone arguing with an employee… take a drink.
  4. See an empty shelf? take a drink.
  5. Take a drink for every member of a group in matching T-shirts (extra shot if they are neon colored)
  6. Take a drink every time you hear the words “BOGO” “Clearance” “Deal”
  7. Take a drink for every child you see between the hours of 10pm – 6am (extra shot if they are asleep)
  8. Every time you hear “Cyber Monday”… drink.
  9. Drink for every fight you see (physical or verbal) take a shot.
  10. For every $100 you spend take a drink (double if it’s on a credit card)

Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor.