After Round Two of our Comic Book March Madness, we need to pay our respects to the characters that had to say goodbye. This round has knocked out the two remaining members of the Fantastic 4 by none other than the brains and brawn of the X-Men. Which just goes to show, even if you aren’t part of the best superhero movie saga, you can probably guarantee that you’re going to be better than any Fantastic 4 movie. Another X-Men win, which happens to also be a X-Men’s loss, was the surprising Rogue victory. I guess Jean tried to cheer up the Emo Southern Belle and apparently got too close to the little power snatcher.Rogue_and_Jean_Grey

In a less surprising win, Thanos took out Bane. Do we have to even explain this one? Bane already did the unthinkable by beating Magneto, which without question, had to use up all the venom serum in the world.

Some of the match-ups to look forward to in the third round are as followed:

In the DC Division we have Superman vs. Flash. Here is the Golden Boy of the DC Universe against a guy that’s pretty fast. Okay, there is little more to it than that. It must be super aggregating for every other hero in the DC Universe. Superman seems to just have every power and can’t be hurt…yadda yadda yadda… Flash has beat Superman numerous times in flat out races before, so that puts some points in the bolt’s stock. We would love Flash to win to shut up all of the Superfans, but when your only power is being slightly faster than Superman, your best bet is to just keep on running.
Our Prediction: We are taking Superman for this battle. Unless they decide to settle their differences by a footrace.

In the Marvel Division we have Deadpool v. Daredevil. This will actually be a little closer than it should be and that is not because of any particular superpower. It really comes down to Deadpool’s mouth. Big surprise. Normally, Deadpool fans would be all for hearing Merc with the Mouth’s endless commentary, but against an opponent that needs to hear you to hit you, they may wish him to zip it. Just kidding! We saw how horrible that idea went in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. 
Our Prediction: We are taking Deadpool for a few reasons. First, it just makes sense. He is essentially immortal. Secondly, his movie just killed it at the box office so he is riding the momentum wave. But then again, Daredevil is tearing it up on Netflix right now. And finally, we love the breaking of the fourth wall and we just don’t want to see that stop quite yet.   

The X-Men/Fantastic 4 Division has our Battle of the Round. We have Wolverine v. Gambit. Now, here is what we call a battle that X-Men nerds should be drooling over. It is like if you were in high school and the two coolest kids in class were going to fight after school – people will be lined up to check this one out. The cajun blackjack dealer will have his hands full with Logan though. Nothing works better against a kinetic powered playing card to the eye like regenerative healing.
Our Prediction: This should be the best battle to date. The superpowers aren’t going to win this one Bub. It is going to come down to who can give the best wink to the ladies. And for that reason, we are taking Gambit. Come’on, that accent is the winner every time! Check out below for a little preview of what we see happening.

And finally the Villains Division – Joker v. Lex Luther. This is the battle of number one’s. Batman and Superman’s arch rivals will square off to find out who goes to the Elite 8. In one corner you have Lex Luther, the genius with a warsuit which has tons of cool gadgets, weapons, and the ability to fly. In the other corner you have the Joker, the criminal mastermind who uses fun props as weapons and always has a smile on his face!
Our Prediction: We are taking Joker here. Mostly because…well…he’s the Joker. And if he is the yin to Batman’s yang then we will be damned if we see him go out by anyone, but the Dark Knight himself.