The Sweet 16 are now down to the Elite 8 in our Comic Book March Madness. We saw some powerhouses go out. Daredevil loses sight of the prize and is knocked out by Deadpool, Gambit’s luck of the draw ran out against Wolverine, and Green Lantern couldn’t think of a way to beat Billionaire Bruce “The Batman” Wayne.

The match-ups to look forward to in the Elite 8 are as followed:

The DC Division Championship is Superman vs. Batman. It’s unbelievable that it has taken us until the Elite 8 to talk about Batman. What can we say about the Dark Knight? Well, he is the world’s greatest detective, has been trained by the League of Shadows, and has more gadgets on his belt than notches on his bedpost, which is saying something for the Billionaire Playboy. Then you have the indestructible alien with the big S on his chest, Superman. Clark Kent may not have the same smooth moves as Bruce Wayne, but he does have x-ray vision, the ability to fly, and superhuman strength, speed, senses, endurance, and longevity. This obviously has the makings for “Battle of the Century.”
Our Prediction: We haven’t seen Batman v. Superman yet, but we have a feeling that it’s not going to give us any answers anyway. We are going with Batman! He is an American and Superman isn’t even human. He should probably go by Superalien.

The Marvel Division Championship is Deadpool v. Spiderman. Here is a the battle of the Fourth Wall Breakers. Spidey is the OG when it comes to telling us what he is thinking. Many would say Deadpool is the Rated R version of Spiderman. Peter Parker has to deal with High School, while Wade Wilson has to deal with Stage 4 cancer. Spiderman is a nerd, while Deadpool is a mercenary. At the end of this battle we will finally see whose mouth will be shut for good.
Our Prediction: Our spidey-senses are tingling and after this fourth wall is torn down, we hope we have a few more walls for our web-crawler to hangout on. We are taking Spiderman because he is funny without the R rating. 

The X-Men/Fantastic 4 Championship is Wolverine v. Rogue. Well, we would not of guessed that Rogue would still be in this thing, but surprise she is the only one win away from the Final 4. Now this seems like an endless cycle of Wolverine stab Rogue, Rogue grab Wolverine, Rogue heals wound. That could go on forever! The one cog that will put this already difficult battle in even more of a standstill is the love factor. It is not a secret that there has been “a thing” between the Animal and the Southern Belle.
Our Prediction: We are taking Rogue because the only one more emo than teenage Rogue is Logan. He maybe be one of our favorites, but Wolverine just won’t have it in him to take out Rogue.


The Villains Division Championship is Joker v. Venom. Holy Moly, I think deep down we all knew Joker would end up here, but Venom? Talk about a sleeper! Venom has proven that he belongs here so now let’s see how he takes on the King of Clowns. The only way we see this battle getting more fun is if Venom Symbiote was to combined with Joker.
Our Prediction: We are taking Joker. People love this classic whiteface and we just can’t see how Venom can overcome all that fandom.

Help us find the winners of this round