After the Elite 8 in our Comic Book March Madness, we are down to the Final Four characters. The only surprise we had during the Sweet 16 round was Spiderman going down to Deadpool. I guess the kids these days don’t respect the characters from which their favorite characters have come from.

The match-ups to look forward to in the Final 4 are as followed:

Wolverine vs. Batman. The Battle of the Bub Caller and the Deep Dark Billionaire. It’s easy to see what is different about these two, but let’s take a look at what their similarities are. They both have taken superhero personas based on scary animals, they both are the total badasses of their respective worlds, and they both rock the pointy-ear costumes. This is the DC vs. Marvel contest we all have been waiting for.
Our Prediction: We are predicting Batman, and not just because he is Batman. Nobody, not even Batman, takes down a basically immortal character “just because.” We are taking Batman because we think any man that has the bat-balls to take on and defeat an alien like Superman will find a special tool in his belt just perfect for an occasion like this. 

Deadpool v. Joker. Here are two guys that are known for their comedy, but have a very different sense of humor. Deadpool’s new found fandom has pushed him to this point, but to beat one of the most iconic villains in the history of time, it’s going to take more than pop culture references and some leaked test footage.
Our Prediction: We are taking Joker here to set up the ultimate Batman/Joker showdown. Also, any character who literally kills the actor portraying him gets our vote! RIP Heath Ledger.

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