Are you okay with Portillo’s giving its blessing for ketchup on hotdogs?

You know, I love ketchup so bring it on.

No. Blasphemy!!

I drool over Portillo’s chocolate cake shake, so I’ll respond the same way as if it’s a guy that I am drooling over…they can say whatever they want and I’ll just stare and nod.

Portillo’s is on my shit list. I don’t care about ketchup. They’re building a big ass Portillo’s at Canal and Polk, and it’s going to jack up all the traffic around that area even more than it already is. It’s totally going to cutoff my access to Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack. It’s almost as though we are at war and they’re cutting off trade routes. Damn you, Portillo’s. Damn you straight to hell.

What is your prediction for the Blackhawks in round one?

I have to say they’re going to win or that would be unamerican right?

I don’t know a lot about hockey, um… mullets?
The Hawks have consistently made it past the first round under coach Q so I predict they will do the same this year.
They’ll win. They’ll win it all. Are people still nervous?

Cookie Cake – Over or Underrated?

Cookie cakes are delicious, but only after you scrape off all the gross frosting. For some reason the frosting they use is extra disgusting.

Overrated. Now ice cream cake… that’s a cake.
Underrated. Hybrid desserts are always a good idea: ice cream cake, cronuts, etc. Just think, you can eat two different desserts at the same time, but only have the guilt of one!
I’m on board with the cookie portion of the cake, but frosting is gross. So just one giant cookie–I’m totally ok with. I encourage it, even. Especially if you add ice cream.

If you had to marry one cartoon character who would it be?

I totally had a crush on Simba when I was little (mostly because I was in love with JTT). Is that weird? That’s probably weird.

Ooooh, I don’t think your readers need to hear about the confusing cartoon crushes I had as a child, heh heh…

Storm from the X-men.. I don’t even care that I’m not attracted to her.  She is a bad ass and I need her in my life.
Archer. It’s gotta be Archer, right?