What did you do for Cinco De Mayo?

I know normally I am super lame and don’t do anything for drinking holidays, but this drinking holiday will be different!! I am flying to San Diego for Meagan’s bachelorette and birthday bonanza and will have one too many tacos and tequilas! (And then I will regret it all in the morning)

We had an office party, so I basically had to make sure the secretaries didn’t go too loco with the tequila.

It’s my Birthday!!! My friends and I grabbed dinner after work and then watched Captain America: Civil War opening!

I celebrated Cinco De Mayo the same way I celebrate every Thursday night–with wine. Tequila is NOT my jam.

Who’s Monopoly Game is betterĀ  – Jewel or McDonalds?

Jewel. McDonald’s is ew.

Dude, is there any question? McDonald’s! There’s nothing like finding a bunch of blue pieces in your car cup holders months after the thing is over.

I don’t shop at Jewel and sometimes I do get free food playing Mcdonald’s game so I have to go with them.


I hate Monopoly and I refuse to answer this question.

What is the best outfit to wear while watching the Kentucky Derby?

A spring dress and a giant ass hat fit for a royal wedding. Duh.

The biggest of big ass old timey portrait hats.

I picture guys with monocles and women in big hats with feathers.


Something bright. If you can pull off a hat, by all means, wear one; just know I will be seething will jealousy because hats look really, really dumb on me.

What is your game plan to win at Mother’s Day on Sunday?

I bought my mom a Fitbit and turned her into an addict. Sorry mom!

Oh I am going to lose so hard this year compared to my siblings. I think I’m gonna get my ma something she can use at Comic Con this year though.

Don’t have solidified plans for Mother’s Day but probably entail some sort of dinner and gifts.

An early morning walk for Breast Cancer and Brunch. I mean…is there a better Sunday?