RushMusic has power. It has the power to make a person happy, sad or angry. It has the power to make changes, politically, socially and environmentally. Music has the power to change the world.  Everyone’s love for music is different. It’s like a fingerprint; no one will ever interpret and love music the same way. And that’s ok. That’s what makes it so amazing.

But, there are times when one has to question why certain types of music are so loved. Why some music resonates so well with one set of ears and sounds like nails on a chalkboard to another. Recently, while listening to the well-known band, Rush, whom are loved by many and perhaps hated by even more, including yours truly,  I decided this was the perfect time to understand why others think they are so great. Don’t get me wrong, musically, they are wonderful. I could listen to their instrumental sound for hours. But, as soon as Geddy Lee starts singing, it is all ruined for me. The shrill, the freakin shrill!

ae3d3457eaab4d09d018572dc482b924a589fc6cThe first step was to conduct a scientific study on Facebook, because nothing is more true and concise than the opinions of friends on social network. I posed the question “How many of you out there like the band Rush? I mean, you think Geddy Lee actually has a pleasant sounding voice?” Of the nine responses (yep, an overwhelming response), four said they are definitely not fans. Of the five who do like his voice, one friend said, “Big Rush fan. Great driving music, in particular. Geddy Lee’s voice may be a matter of taste, but he is also a virtuoso on the bass.”

tumblr_la09kgglzl1qce7cdo1_500As I am sitting here, I put on a popular Rush song, “Tom Sawyer,” perhaps trying to give it another chance or a way to torture myself, I’m not sure. My thoughts still remain the same. Musically, A+. You got it guys. I could jam out to you all day. But, once Geddy Lee decided it’s time to showcase that voice of his, it’s all over. The only way this song can ever be appreciated, at least for me, is in I Love You Man, when Paul Rudd is “slappin’ da bass.”

In conclusion, as stated above, music is all about individual tastes and I would never let my opinions get in the way of another person’s love, because at the end of the day, it is my opinion, which has no bearing on anything other than what I think. But Geddy Lee may want to look into voice lessons. Just a thought.