What is the most American thing you are doing this weekend?

Grilling. Eating. Beer. You know, normal stuff.

Boats and Hoes! And Beer….

My weekend will entail the 3 B’s of summer.  Beach, beers and BBQ!

Are you a watcher or lighter of fireworks?

Watcher. Fire scares me.

Definitely a lighter…I’m kind of a pyro. I don’t know why, I guess I have a problem.
Who doesn’t like lighting fireworks!?! But I really do enjoy sitting back and watching a great fireworks show.
A watcher. From far, far away with zero risk of burns and/or loss of limb.

What food is the most patriotic?

Hot dogs. People like to stuff those things down their gullets on the 4th of July for some reason. Gross.

Nachos! Giardiniera! No, but for real, I got to go with a hotdog.

The answer to any food question is bacon.. so any food wrapped in bacon is the most patriotic.
All of the foods that we’ve taken over from other countries and improved. I’m looking at you, deep dish pizza and Taco Bell menu.

What makes America the greatest country in the world?

Freedom of speech, choice, blah blah blah. However, I saw a Donald Trump billboard this week and ugh. That’s just the worst.

There is no evidence to prove that statement…

I’m thinking of the newsroom scene where Jeff Daniels character explains why America isn’t the greatest. Considering how big of a circus this election year has been, I feel like that statement is close to accurate.

First and foremost, the people. The diverse, sometimes pain-in-the-ass humans that make up this great land. Second, the fundamental knowledge that we were founded as a safe haven for those in peril. Our Country was founded on the idea of escaping persecution from tyranny, and it remains a place to which people want to flee to experience that type of escape. We have to keep being an effective and safe haven for those who need it, whether they live here already or need the sanctuary from persecution abroad.