Has Pokémon Go Ruined your life yet?

Nah. But no one has run out in front of my car. Yet.

Nope. I’m glad people are going outside and socializing. However, if people get in my way with that crap at San Diego Comic Con I won’t hesitate to mow them over.

I was pretty addicted to Pokémon Go for that first week, but it has pretty much lost all of its novelty now.

Honestly, it hasn’t bothered me. I had not caught a single person playing it until I was on the North Side yesterday. Typical North Siders.

Is it fair to say that sometimes when it’s 90+ degrees you miss the winter?

I won’t ever miss winter. I miss fall. Fall is the best. I also miss those summers we have that don’t get above 70 degrees.

Yes. I need to frame all posts where I say I miss the winter to look at when it is negative a million out and remind myself not to be foolish.

Nope! I don’t mind the heat as long as I can be outside by the beach!

That’s very fair. I hate anything above 81 degrees. I’m ready for pumpkins.

Is America better or worse than it was 30 years ago?

From a technological standpoint – better. From a people standpoint- worse.

I couldn’t say, though it might be that the idiots now have a social media megaphone to irritate us normal people with.

On social aspects, I think it’s better. The voices that speak up against racism and homophobia have created a divide in Americans, but it’s better to have these issues on the surface than ignoring them like we have done in the past.
It’s different due to a whole lot of factors, most of which are natural evolution of economic and social conditions, and none of which are because of anything Donald Trump says. It COULD be better, if we could get rid of the racists and the Republicans.

What is the patio/rooftop for summer drinking in Chicago?

My backyard. Come drink wine with me without the bathroom lines and for a minimal cost!

I prefer to be under the roof as I roast quite easily.

Chicago is packed full of places to go, but nothing is better than hangout with your friends at your own or their own patio.

My house! 🙂