summer or winter

Which Olympics is better? Summer or Winter?

Summer Olympics, by far. How many speedos do they have at the winter Olympics? I rest my case.


I like the Winter sports better, but there’s something about the Summer games that’s more exciting.

I think a lot of people prefer summer games because they are more familiar with those sports.  It also doesn’t hurt that half the sports entail the athletes mostly naked/wearing really tight spandex.  I mean.. have you seen the men’s diving.  That is probably the min. amount of clothing necessary before you are officially naked.

Do they both have gymnastics? I’m only there for the gymnastics. But I like ice skating, too…so I have to go with winter.


Everyone seems to know everything about sports they only watch every 4 years, so are you a professional Olympic Judge yet?

Nah, it’s hard to judge something I suck at, so I don’t even bother. It’s more of an inspirational thing for me. I mean, 19 year olds winning gold medals? What were you doing at 19? Nothing constructive I’m sure.

Heck no. That, to me, is the most annoying thing ever. These athletes are super human, can’t we just cut them some slack and enjoy the hard work they put forth. Also, they make great memes

I’m soo good at judging men’s gymnastics.  I always have great comments like… “Oh he’s hot”, “Look at him..he got some big ole biceps”, “I wish I was that pommel horse right now”

Not at all. Though I was highly disappointed in Mara Abbott for blowing it at the last minute. I may or may not have been judging her patriotism from my living room. It’s un-American to quit that close to the finish line, dammit.


What is the best Olympic sport?

Michael Phelps. I mean… I enjoy swimming and diving. And gymnastics. And every single running event.

Leslie Jones’ commentary.

As a swimmer, I should say swimming but I really enjoy gymnastics. It’s really fun to watch the different events, especially the floor routine. Also, the women’s team is basically unstoppable!
Gymnastics. How can it NOT be gymnastics? Not to knock any other athletic competitions, but have you seen how many times Simone Biles can turn her body around in the air?? Even at the END of her routines she’s still doing insanely complicated moves without even appearing tired. It’s incredible, and, in my humble opinion, it seems a lot harder than swimming or shooting a gun.


Michael Phelps is cupping, which poses the question does cupping actually do anything other than leave perfect circle hickeys?

If Michael Phelps says it’s true, it must be true because Michael Phelps wins medals. I mean, just look at this beautiful man in his ASU swim cap. Talented, beautiful, and employed by the greatest university in the country.

I feel as if I read somewhere it’s supposed to help with blood flow and circulation, but this is Phelps we’re talking about, who knows what he’s thinking. He’s currently being known for pulling a murder face pre-swim.

I have heard of cupping years ago when I saw the karate kid remake, although it looked a lot cooler in the movie. I am not sure if it actually works but if the atheletes perform better because of it, even if its a placebo effect, then why not.

Idk? It seems to be a big favorite of the athletes across multiple sports. The question now is how many storefront “cupping” specialists will pop up in trendy neighborhoods in the next 6 months? I’d put the over/under at 250, and I might take the over. I bet there will be Groupon deals galore!