Author: Bill MacLean

Wave This

I am so tired of the Confederate flag debate that I decided to knock back a couple Pabst Blue Ribbons and tell you about it. I get the whole freedom of speech thing. You can fly whatever colors you want. It’s your right as a goddamn American. It’s a privilege granted to you by the Bill of Rights, the very same document that allows you to bad mouth Obama while filling up your jeep with the cheapest gas in a five years, or hate on the Supreme Court shortly before tapping your foot under the adjacent bathroom stall. We...

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Mastering Tinder 101: The Newbie

Tinder is, for me, a lot like fishing.  I can do it while drinking, and I’m always so excited to get started. Basically, you have to choose the bait you think most attractive to unsuspecting prey (I want that to sound less creepy but really it can’t, that’s just how it is). You cast often and deep and hope for a bite. It’s all fun and games until you catch something. What comes out of the water isn’t usually something I’d be proud to hold in front of a camera. Then you find out you hooked it through the...

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