Author: Chris Cline

Spurs Fans Rejoice, This Is the Article You Have All Been Waiting For!

San Antonio, TX—Game 1 is approaching for the 2014 NBA Finals and once again we have a matchup between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat for the second consecutive year in a row. The Heat have won back-to-back titles and have made it to the NBA Finals for 3 straight years. Because of the celebrity behind the “The Big 3,” led by most importantly LeBron James, the Heat have taken over the limelight in every NBA circle. Discussions over legacy and dynasty status for the Heat are all that has been debated about since the day LeBron...

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It Finally Happened…A TIME WARP! Arizona State Goes Back in Time with Early 80’s Throwback Jerseys!

So here were in 2014 and time travel has finally been discovered! Early 80’s baseball uniforms have got to be the coolest thing that has ever come out of that decade. By the grace of the marketing Gods at Arizona State University, we can finally feel what it would be like to live in this amazing time! Honestly, this is the coolest looking jersey on the planet. No matter who your allegiance is in college sports, you have to respect ASU Baseball for thinking outside of the box and bringing it back to the old school days of baseball...

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This Week in Sports – NOTHING!

With the NFL in its off-season, MLB still in Spring Training, and March Madness about a week away, I would like to report that NOTHING is worth writing about currently in the world of sports. Sorry NBA, but nobody cares until the playoffs. Hockey is fun to watch, but I need to be heavily intoxicated rooting for Team USA, and well, that just recently passed. If you watch NASCAR, soccer, tennis, or golf, well you probably don’t go on sites like this so nobody cares about your sports. And I’m pretty sure NASCAR fans don’t even know how to...

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Romo Restructures Contract for Jones Unpaid Birthday Bash

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX –More drama down in BIG D. Tony Romo and a few other player’s contracts have been restructured in order to ‘free cap space’ for the upcoming 2014 season, Ed Werder reports to ESPN. The redone deal will free up $10 million for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. However, there is more to this story that meets the eye.   Last October, Jerry Jones threw an extravagant birthday party for himself and the entire Dallas Cowboys organization. Jones ordered 20 private jets for all of the attendees and their guests and flew everyone to Thailand for...

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Icognito Soaks Up Too Much Sun and Booze in Scottsdale, Thought his Ferrari was Martin’s Face!

Scottsdale, AZ — More bad press for big bad bully Richie Icognito. One day ago a police report was filed with the Scottsdale PD regarding an issue with a damaged black Ferrari. The Ferrari belonged to Richie Incognito, former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman who was booted off the squad after the bullying and harassment of teammate Jonathan Martin.  Incognito’s car had several dents on the hood and had pieces of a baseball bat lodged in the grill of the vehicle. When Scottsdale PD questioned Mr. Incognito, his response was somewhat off-putting and raw. Incognito, in a drunken stupor, shouted...

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